Less is more.

Efficient, sustainable, high-quality tiny homes & ADUs
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Less Clutter

Lower Costs

Shorter Time

Smaller Footprint

Fewer Restrictions

Reduced Stress

At Boxvana, we believe in simplifying life through simplified living. We believe that less is more. And that small space living is a lifestyle choice for the 21st century.

A Door to New Possibilities

Ideal for a first home...

Picture yourself in your own home, free of rent, free of restriction, and building toward a better future.

Adding some extra space...

Imagine the freedom and privacy of a new home office or studio, personal gym, or guesthouse.

Generating new income...

Maximize your property to generate new income with an easy-to-maintain to rental.

Boxvana creates sustainable shelters for the 21st century.

As the exclusive provider of LitePan® technology in America, we build tiny homes and ADUs with eco-friendly materials in a fraction of the time as traditional construction, at a fraction of the cost, with a fraction of the impact on the environment.

We Believe in Quality

All of our shelters are built with LitePan® C-SIP materials. Unlike wood or concrete, this cutting-edge technology combines reduced weight with airtight sealing, energy efficiency, and resistance to corrosion, fire, and natural disaster.
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We Value Efficiency

All of our shelters arrive ready to assemble in a matter of hours, not days. The C-SIP panel system is easily configured, minimizing labor time and costs, while promoting affordable upgrades like solar panels and radiant flooring.
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We Commit to Durability

All of our shelters are made in America and built to last. We’re proud that LitePan® was chosen by the U.S. Military for its strength and structural integrity, and we know each Boxvana home will provide decades of use.
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Your Personal Boxvana

Whether a new home for your family, a new office to work remotely, or a rental unit on your property, we offer specialized shelters for all uses. Our design team loves custom projects and creating the perfect space for each client.

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