Since being founded in 2018, at Boxvana we've remained dedicated to finding candidates of the highest caliber, who share our love for sleek, sustainable housing and environmentally-practical composite building systems and materials. 

We've gone to great lengths to create a workplace and a culture on which we pride ourselves. We're not just an assortment of tradesmen and engineers and administrators... we truly are a team, sharing this vision for a world where homes can not only be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but also affordable and eco-friendly.

We believe strongly in being kind to our planet, and to each other. 

Harrison Langley


Harrison Langely is an entrepreneur in the fields of real estate and technology.  He brings investment experience as a member of a family-owned real estate holding company and has worked on numerous acquisitions and development projects across the Eastern United States.  He also manages the local chapter of the International Waterkeeper Alliance,  for the fishable, swimmable and drinkable waterways worldwide.

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Axia is a decades old global polymer and composites company. Justin is a high-performing operations management executive with 26 years of experience in the industry with expertise in global project management, infrastructure development, focused marketing strategies, and core technology development and innovation. During his tenure at Axia, Justin has built the company up through development of international alliances and by attracting substantial financial investment. He has also registered Axia to Raytheon, a global defense company, and has worked with and supplied products for the US military.

Before Axia, Justin worked with Samsung and later DuPont. He is a native to South Korea, a veteran of the military, and received both his BS and MS in Polymer Sciences from Seoul National University.

As a result of his cutting-edge development and designs in the fields of polymers and composites, Justin has been invited to speak at several international sustainable building conferences in Asia, Germany and the United States, more notably at MIT. He holds more than 30 international patents, all pertaining to advances in  polymer and composite technology. Justin is also fluent in Korean, English and Japanese.

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Caroline Langley


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Caroline Langley joined the Boxvana team as COO in 2020.   She has a diverse background in technology, marketing, HR, and sales.   Originating as an Analyst with the FDIC, she previously worked her way up to an executive position working with federal and commercial clients at Nfinity, a private software development company and business consulting solutions provider.  She has worked closely with industry leaders and entrepreneurs for over six years in foster steady, sustainable growth and a corporate culture that attracts and retains top quality talent.  Having proven herself as a strong business development professional, she has worked to successfully guide teams in delivery of optimal products, services, and business solutions in Texas, DC, Kentucky, and Virginia.  Caroline graduated with a BA degree focused on Financial Consulting from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, with minors in English and  Psychology.

Dr. Robert Steffen


Robert E. Steffen is a multi-state licensed civil/structural engineer (CA, NY, FL, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV, NH, MD) with over 20 years of experience in the design, engineering, testing, and manufacturing of components and structures employing traditional materials as well as highly engineered fiber reinforced polymeric (FRP) composites and cross laminated timber (CLT). His designs have been employed in bridges and commercial buildings, including both structural and architectural applications, as well as residences, marine applications, and large sculptures. His industry background includes engineering analysis (finite element analysis, RISA modelling, self-created CLT and FRP laminate calculator) and management positions for FRP manufacturing (Kreysler and Associates, CA), light gauge steel manufacturing (W.P. Hickman, Asheville, NC), FRP/concrete (Wagners CFT, Australia) and communications (General Dynamics, San Jose, CA).
Dr. Steffen is the technical chairman of the recently published American Composites Manufacturing Association (ACMA) Guidelines and Recommended Practices for Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Architectural Products (http://www.acmanet.org/other-areas/award-programs/) and continues to conduct applied research on advanced materials for designers, manufacturers, and standard agencies. He is originally from Atlanta, Georgia and holds his BS, MS, and PhD from Georgia Tech.


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Erik Lombillo is a trial attorney with over 22 years of litigation experience.  After receiving his BA in International Studies from the University of South Florida, he obtained his Juris Doctor from Stetson University College of Law.  While in law school, Erik participated in extended internships with the Chief Federal Judge for the Middle District of Florida, as well as the Office of Chief Counsel at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. He then spent six years as an Assistant State Attorney in Pinellas  and Collier Counties, handling thousands of felony cases before entering private practice. A lifelong scuba diver, Erik volunteers his time for ocean conservation and serves on the Board of Directors of the Collier County Waterkeeper.



Scott Franklin is a native of Kentucky, born and raised in Johnson County. His career spans more than three decades, the majority in residential construction. After graduating from Mayo State Vocational Technical School with a degree in Mechanical Drafting, Scott served four years with the United States Army specializing in avionics. Self-employed for nearly 20 years, Scott ran a successful construction company and built homes all over eastern Kentucky. Just before joining Boxvana he was a construction foreman for Sowers Commercial, specializing in acoustic ceiling design and custom framing. 

Garrett Henry


Garrett Henry began pursuing his career in engineering roughly a decade ago in 2010. He earned degrees in Civil Engineering and Computer-Aided Drafting & Design, after which he began working for a small engineering and land surveying firm in Kentucky. He would go on to work for Klewit, a Fortune 500 construction company, working with state of the art drafting software including AutoDesk and Revit. He handled design projects for heavy infrastructure, mainly power plants and hydroelectric dams. He also has worked with Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest where he helped design the electrical system for Baxter Arena at the University of Omaha. Garrett spent several more years in industrial design for oil refineries, plastics processing plants, schools, warehouses, and more. 

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Harrison Langley


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Jesse Reed is a Martin County native, having graduated from Sheldon Clark High School in 2004. Since then he has remained active in volunteer work for youth sports. He spent some time working as an assistant supervisor in a factory producing polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film, whose main application is laminated safety glass in car windshields. Jesse also went on to work for more than twelve years as a coal miner including roles as foreman and electrician, in eastern Kentucky/southern West Virginia. Today, Jesse is a happily married, proud father of three with a virtually unmatchable work ethic.




Ed Jolley is a builder with over 15 years of construction and development experience. He has been involved in the building of schools, hospitals, clinics, and residential homes. With a wealth of hard-earned work experience, Ed has an expansive knowledge of site management. He's spent the last 5 years managing residential development projects in the Chattanooga, Tennessee metroplex.


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