We Believe in Better Building

Boxvana isn’t a brand. It’s not a faceless corporation or something workshopped in a focus group. Boxvana is simply a group of likeminded people—real people—who all share a common belief in better living. We believe in the homes that we build, and we believe in how we build them.

From the beginning, the Boxvana family has been driven by a passion for affordable housing, sustainable materials, and modern building. We saw that companies were manufacturing houses the same way they had for decades—with wood, steel, and concrete—and we knew that it could be done better. Advances in material science excited us. We knew that new homes could be built more efficiently; that they could require less labor, less maintenance, and less time. This is what motivates us when we put our boots on in the morning. We love building structures that are better for everyone—better for families, better for the community, and better for the world.

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The LitePan® Difference

The key to our unique approach is a space-age material called LitePan®. LitePan® is an advanced composite material system that weighs far less than wood, concrete, and steel. Because it weighs so much less, LitePan® can be transported quickly and easily, then assembled in mere hours or days.

While it’s light, LitePan® is incredibly strong. It’s hurricane-proof, earthquake-proof, fire-resistant, and withstands threatening climates and conditions. LitePan® panels seal airtight, allowing for true temperature control and net-zero energy efficiency. It’s eco-friendly, re-usable, and creates zero emissions.

All of these benefits mean lower transportation costs, less labor and time, lower energy bills, fewer repairs, and less impact on the environment. In short, LitePan® is a gamechanger for better living.

Boxvana is proud to be its exclusive provider in North America.

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Team Boxvana

One of our favorite parts of building ADUs is getting to know the folks who occupy them and bring them to life. Our structures become their homes, and their families become part of ours. We’d like you to get to know more about us too. Meet our team.

Harrison Langley
CEO + President
Caroline Langley
director of sales operations
Dr. Robert Steffen
Lead engineering consultant
Kevin Gildea
Partner at darroweverett, LLP
Ed Jolley
Head project manager
Justin Jin
AXIA ceo + President
Robert Langley

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