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How We Work

We hope you find as much peace in the process as we do. Our advanced materials systems high standards of quality, and dedication to value allow us to quickly shape your vision and create your reality.

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01 — Let's Meet


The path to your new Boxvana begins when you talk with one of our team members. We want to hear what you’re looking for—what you need, as well as what’s on your wishlist—so that we can help you visualize your perfect space. Once you can define what you want, we can make it a reality. And then we’re off to the drawing board!

02 — Build Your Vision


Within a day of committing to work together, we’ll create your project designs and provide basic renderings for your review. Once approved, you will select style options and upgrades that you want. Our design time is free of charge with your build project. No fees are paid until the building begins (this process is complimentary with your project). Once you finalize your selections and sign-off on your renderings and project estimate, we will create a project timeline and start constructing your new shelter.

03 — Let's Build Your Boxvana


Your approved design will be provided to your very own personal builder who will check all plans and specifications. Your builder will meet with you to review your project and verify everything, then schedule work to begin. The shell of your Boxvana will be completed and you will be invited to join your building team for a walk-through to experience the layout of your new space. Together you can determine any adjustments to be made before completion.

04/05 — Check it Out

Inspect & Deliver

After the build is complete, your builder and designer perform a “QC Walk” and create a pre-closing item list. These items are scheduled and a close date/ transport date are assigned. Your new Boxvana is delivered to your property, and you will be invited to an orientation to demonstrate all of your home’s functions and to see that everything is working as planned. With your sign-off and approval, it’s time to take the keys and move in!

06 — Move In!


From beginning design to taking the keys, your new Boxvana home is ready to inhabit in a matter of weeks. Less time. Less stress. Our team takes pride in making the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

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