Why people are switching to tiny houses made of steel

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Are you planning on joining the tiny house revolution? If yes, then you have made a really smart choice. If you are a tiny house dweller, you will be mortgage-free in the same period of time you would have paid off a car, or even less depending on prior savings.

Modular tiny homes are eco-friendly in a lot of ways – from the small footprint involved to the minimal utility consumption to the sustainability factor that can be taken to a whole new level by the type of materials selected for building them.

How people are beginning to notice steel can be useful in making modular tiny homes?

In the beginning, a lot of people used to live in tiny houses that were built using wood frame construction methods. However, as time has passed, a lot of tiny house builders – from those that build them for themselves to those who build them solely for commercial purposes – are focusing more on metal buildings (i.e. using steel for making tiny houses).

The initial investment might be considerably more as it will increase your investment by a few thousand dollars but it will benefit you in the long run. The investment can be recouped by the end of your home’s lifespan via the replacement and repair savings.

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