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Why should I buy a Boxvana?

The benefits of owning Boxvana modular homes are as numerous and varied as the customization and configuration options therein. While there are models for display and marketing purposes, each Boxvana consumer unit is newly constructed. Each unit is built with LitePan® Composite SIP (C-SIP) frames. This is unlike most builders who still use wood for framing, which is likely to warp and require maintenance over time. Our advanced C-SIP building process allows us the ability to add on to a structure even after it’s “finished.”

We don’t offer cookie-cutter housing because we don’t tend to meet cookie-cutter people. We love cookies though; in case you were wondering.

How is Boxvana eco-friendly?

Smaller buildings are inherently better for the environment. There is significantly less overhead relative to energy consumption (and costs). We build with Composite SIPs (C-SIPs), rather than wood.  Because of the versatility offered by a Boxvana, we can incorporate the “eco-extras” as well, including solar panels, custom scaled appliances, tankless water heaters, and low-flow water systems.

We usually go ahead and use the tankless water heater based on how much room a 60gallon hot water heater takes up. We can also add wind turbines as well as a battery bank and solar panels on to the roof.

Boxvana C-SIPs are manufactured in 8’x40’ sheets. One wall is generally a single panel eliminating thermal bridging issues helping to keep you cool when it’s hot outside.

Can I insure my Boxvana?

Because of our extensive knowledge base and expertise, we have an edge when it comes to the details like homeowner’s insurance. We build and implement our homes in compliance with all local, state and federal building codes and regulations. This means Boxvana units meet all the requirements for insurance coverage. This includes most RV insurers as well.

Is Boxvana just for residential consumers?

Nope. Because Boxvana builds to suit, we are excited to offer commercial building solutions as well. Our team will work with you to understand your needs and produce a building that you and your customers will love.

Can I finance the purchase of a Boxvana?

Boxvana is proud to offer fair-market financing through our lending partners. However, it is not required that this option be utilized. The customer is welcome to secure their own financing. Any PMRV financier will do.

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