Composite Modular Grow House

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Built to accommodate the diverse needs for growing and cultivating plant life, our Composite Modular Grow House System provides a temperature controlled, antimicrobial environment that can be puzzled together for a custom space. Fill out the form below to learn more about Boxvana's modular systems.

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The LitePan® Grow House Difference

Models Starting at $2,500


Permanent installation and customization with “puzzle piece” system 


Span up to 22’ without an internal support system


Pieces 8ft long, coming in thickness from 4”, 6”, and 8”


Roof so strong you can walk on them


Ability to maintain a steady temperature is critical for both wineries and grow houses


Considerably reduced energy costs


Lighter material for easy install


No organic materials such as metal or wood so no decay


No mold, mildew, mycelium or bacteria delivering longer life

What is LitePan?

LitePan is an advanced building system of composite materials.

LitePan® is a high-performance composite that transforms modular building with its light weight and intense durability. Compared to old-fashioned building materials like wood and steel, LitePan® is lighter, stronger, safer, cheaper, faster, and more efficient. It’s also reusable and recyclable, giving it limitless applications while protecting the environment.

Boxvana is the exclusive provider of LitePan® technology in North America, and we’re using this game-changing technology to create affordable, sustainable housing for local populations coast-to-coast.

The LitePan®

LitePan®  encourages construction that is impractical--or impossible--with wood and steel. LitePan®’s drastically reduced weight allows for larger panels. Larger panels mean fewer pieces to configure resulting in faster and easier assembly.

Fewer pieces also means fewer seams. And that means greater insulation. Combined with the inherent features of the material, LitePan® structures have far fewer air or thermal leaks, while at the same time protecting against corrosion, rust, and natural exposure. LitePan® structures are durable and energy-efficient.

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